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Elegant 2022

Excellence 2022

Hybrid 2022

Hybrid 2022

F Sport 2022



  • Available / (Including VAT (15%), Excluding registration fees and car insurance
    RX 350 AA Elegant SR 231,150
    RX 350 BB Excellence SR 269,100
    RX 450h BH Hybrid SR 277,150
    RX 450hL H3 Hybrid Long SR 276,000
    RX 350 FF F-Sport SR 288,075
  • 3.5L V6 Engine, 296 HP with 8 Speed Automatic Transmission

  • 3.5L V6 Engine with electric motor powered by Hybrid Battery, 308 HP with CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission)

  • Drive Mode Select: Eco-Normal-Sport

  • Drive Mode Select: Eco-Normal-Sport S/Sport S+

  • Front Wheel Drive only

  • FWD Primary + AWD On-Demand (Switching automatically according to the driving conditions )

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  • 20’inch Wheels

  • Blind Spot Monitor

  • Spindle Grille Design

  • Wireless Charger by Qi

  • Touchless Power Trunk

  • Rear Passenger Foldable Seats

  • Rear Side Window Sun-Shades


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